Importance of Getting a Crown

After getting an RCT you may think that you are done with treatment, as there is no more tooth pain, but that is not the case. Heads up! You need to go back to your general dentist and geta crown or a permanent filling if you want your tooth to survive many years.

A root canal treatment is an invasive procedure on the tooth and the tooth needs to be incased in a crown to function under your bite forces. Often the tooth starts very weak before the endodontic procedure due to a large cavity or a fracture. Getting that crown put in helps with the structural integrity of the tooth and protects the tooth from any damage. You don’t want to have that tooth decay or crack after the procedure because that can cause more dental work in the near future.

The crown prevents anything from getting stuck in the newly cleaned tooth, getting food stuck in the tooth can result in having to get the root canal done again. Preventing fracture of the tooth is important because trauma from the forces of your bite can make the tooth unsavablewith additional endodontic procedures and result in you having to get an extraction.

The previous tooth decay or infection can take its toll on your tooth in the form of discoloration The crown will protect the endodontically treated tooth and give it the natural white appearance once again. Getting a crown put in allows you to use your tooth normally again, you can brush, floss, and chew without worrying about your tooth. A dental crown can last over 15 years if cared for properly! So, you won’t need to go back for more treatments involving that same tooth for some time (Excluding your regular dental checkup 😊 If you are nervous about getting a crown put in talk to your general dentist about your concerns. That conversation could help you feel more at ease and comfortable about the process.

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