What is the difference between Root Canal and Implants?

Root Canal vs Implants

When sharp tooth pain takes over your life sometimes it might seem easier to just get the tooth taken out without considering different options available to you.

Saving your own natural tooth, when possible, is always the best option. When given the choice between tooth extraction and root canal treatment always opt for a root canal.

No artificial implant will have the same feeling and function as a natural tooth. With the high success of root canals and other forms of endodontic therapy the results can last a lifetime. The average lifetime of an implant is about 15 – 20 years. While both procedures are relevant there are different clinical situations where one is more appropriate than the other. A root canal is good for patients that have tooth decay, but still have a sufficient amount of healthy tooth structure to put a crown on.When you get an endodontic evaluation, the doctor will let you know if your natural tooth is savable and what the best treatment option will be for you.

We at Specialist Care Endodontics are here to give you the root canal treatment that will best preserve the natural tooth. Starting with a complete oral evaluation that involves x-rays, we take a closer look at what is happening with the teeth and determine the right course of treatment for each patient. Root canal procedures are virtually painless and will often leave you with less discomfort during the recovery than having your natural tooth extracted. Implants should always be your last resort if you cannot save the natural tooth, or to replace a missing tooth.

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