Myths and misconceptions around Root Canal Treatments

Root canals are a very misunderstood procedure. When patients are referred for this procedure, they often have no idea what the procedure entails. Let’s go through a few common misconceptions that many patients have about root canals. Myth One: Extraction is better than getting a root canal. False! Preserving your natural teeth whenever possible is … Read more

Can you avoid getting a Root Canal?

Root canals are a common dental procedure performed on millions of people throughout each year. But is there some way of preventing or avoiding this procedure? It’s a difficult question due to the different possibilities that can lead someone towards needing an endodontic procedure. The main way to avoid the need of a root canal … Read more

Are Root Canals painful?

Imagine sitting in an Endodontics office. This is not your regular dentist; the sitting room is well decorated, but still unfamiliar. There are thoughts racing through your mind about what that pain level of this procedure will be like. Maybe you are already experiencing tooth pain and you don’t want it to get any worse. … Read more

Importance of Getting a Crown

After getting an RCT you may think that you are done with treatment, as there is no more tooth pain, but that is not the case. Heads up! You need to go back to your general dentist and geta crown or a permanent filling if you want your tooth to survive many years. A root … Read more