4 Easy Ways to Choose the Right Root Canal Specialist for You

Root canal treatment is used to save and repair a badly infected or decayed tooth. During the
procedure, pulp and nerve are removed and the inside part of the infected tooth is sealed and cleaned.
Without this treatment, the tissues surrounding the tooth become infected and abscesses may form.

This is a specialised treatment and most people don’t realize their dentist cannot take care of this
problem. That is why it is important to find a good root canal specialist/dentist for your treatment.

If you stay in North Virginia, you may be happy to know there are quite a few of us endodontists in
NOVA. Your dentist may be the right person to refer you to one of us. This is the best and most obvious
way to find a good root canal specialist in North Virginia

But if you already know you have a root canal problem but do not know any root canal specialist, here
are some easy ways for you to find a root canal treatment expert:

#1: Ask Your Family and Close Friends:
The very first reference should be your close friends, family members, co-workers, neighbours, etc. Have
they undergone any root canal treatment? What has been their experience? Take their
recommendations if they have had a good experience after their root canal treatment to repair teeth.

#2: Get a Referral from a Pharmacist or Physician:
You can go to your local or nearest pharmacist or your family doctor. Most know a root canal specialist
or a dentist who in turn can refer you to one. Medical experts and professionals can recommend
established names.

#3: Check Out Your Dental Insurance Network:
You can get some idea of root canal specialists near you, in your city or state by looking up the list of
clinics that accept your dental insurance. You can review the list of dentists your dental insurance
provider has partnered with. After this, consider other factors such as location, cost, emergency care,
reviews, etc. to figure out which one is the best for you and your dental issues.

#4: Search the Web:
It sounds pretty simple, but search engines like Google can help you find a good root canal treatment
specialist. You can read the recommendations posted by other patients here. In addition to this, you can
use search terms like ‘dentist near me’ or ‘dental clinic near me’ to find some established names online.
Once you have some names, shortlist a few based on various factors such as cost, timings, location,
emergency service, etc. Always remember that a professional endodontist is always ready and willing to
address your queries. Be it a routine check-up or intense treatments such as root canal, they will always
provide appropriate treatment and help ease any pain.

If you are in Virginia, get in touch with Specialist Care Endodontics at 703-650-9990 for dental
emergencies and root canal treatment needs.