Which Factors Affect the Cost of a Root Canal?

Dental problems can come unannounced and can be a cause for concern, not just because of the pain and inconvenience that they cause but also the cost involved in the treatment. However, the reality is that most people do not know the actual root canal treatment cost. They just presume it to be high and try to put off going for the treatment as long as they can. This too backfires since the problem can get worse and need a pre-treatment before the actual root canal.

If you are also worried about the costs involved, here are the factors that affect the actual cost of a root canal treatment:

Condition of the Tooth: If you have a cracked/chipped tooth and need to go for the root canal, the cost of the treatment would be different from that in a condition when you have an infection and swelling too. This is because your dentist will have to treat the infection and deal with swelling before starting the RCT. The number of sittings can also increase in the case of severe infection. In normal cases, a root canal can be completed in one sitting these days.

Type of the Tooth: For some reason, this comes as a surprise to most people since they do not know how the type of tooth affects the treatment. However, if you think carefully about it, the front teeth are easier to deal with as compared to the molars, not because of their positions in the mouth but because of the number of canals – incisors have one while molars have three. The difference can run anywhere from $50 to $300(or more).

Dental Insurance: Dental insurance is worth looking into since dental treatments are getting costlier by the day. If you have dental insurance, you might have to pay only half of the total cost of the treatment if the insurance covers a root canal. This means that all you need to do is to find root canal specialists who accept your dental insurance.

You might want to save money while getting a relatively costlier dental treatment like a root canal but make sure that you do not treat it as an opportunity for bargain hunting. Instead, you need to focus on finding the right dentist/endodontist and focus on finding the best treatment and aftercare for the root canal therapy.

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