What’s the Difference Between an Endodontist and a Dentist?

Have you ever wondered whom do you need to contact for your dental problems?

A dentist? Or an endodontist? Or do you think they are one and the same?

Consider this, all endodontists are dentists but not all endodontists are dentists. Ah! Still confused? Well, let’s clear it up for you.

Here are 2 ways in which endodontists differ from dentists:

  • Endodontists are specialists and have completed additional training of 2+ years after dental school. This training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing dental procedures such as a root canal treatment that deals with the interior of the teeth. This is why all endodontists are dentists but it does not hold true the other way around.
  • The practice of endodontics focuses exclusively on treatments of problems related to the dental pulp. This means that endodontists carry out procedures that take care of problems in the root canal. They may be carrying out quite a few root canals on a given day or week. Dentists, meanwhile, do not carry out endodontic treatment as they may not have the specialization. Instead, they may carry out other dental treatments including dental fillings, fixing crowns, etc. which form the first stage of oral care.

Endodontists can make your root canal treatment virtually pain-free since they are trained to be experts in pain management. They administer numbing medicines or use other sedation techniques to ensure that you are comfortable during the treatment. Because of their expertise in treating pulp infection or inflammation, you will have no pain during treatment and also be relieved of tooth pain after the treatment.

Because of additional training and specialization, endodontists are better equipped to deal with a root canal and other advanced dental treatments. In short, your dental specialist/endodontist can help you get rid of serious dental problems. 

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