4 Things You Must Know About Root Canals

Root canals can make people visualize dental procedures that are painful, expensive and scary. Many of them associate the term with having the root of the tooth being removed during the procedure. These are all prevalent misconceptions about dental procedures, in general, especially root canal treatments. So, you might be surprised to find out that millions of RCTs are performed each year on people of all ages. Does this figure mean anything to you?Well, not sure what it means to you but for millions of those getting it done, it means getting rid of dental pain, restoration of natural teeth and overall good oral hygiene.

Here are 4 things you must know about root canal treatments:

#1 Root Canals Can Save Your Natural Teeth.

Root canal treatments will help you save your natural teeth so that you do not need to waste money in getting dentures or bridges. RCTs is carried out in the following situations:

  • Deep decay in the tooth
  • Infection or swelling in the tooth
  • Trauma to the tooth causing cracks, chips, etc.
  • Extreme sensitivity to temperature
  • Weak teeth because of repeated dental procedures

#2 Root Canals Can Be Carried Out in One Sitting.

In the earlier days, root canals used to be carried out in multiple sittings. The dentist or root canal specialist used to carry out each step in one sitting and the whole procedure was carried out in 2-3 sittings. Now, modern technology has allowed orthodontists to complete the whole procedure in a single sitting. Only in severe dental decay, the root canal specialist may have to ask the patient to come for a second sitting.

#3 Root Canals Are Safe for Pregnant Women.

Root canals are carried out after an X-ray.Some people believe that root canals are not safe for pregnant womenand their unborn babies. But, what they do not know is that RCT requires a small X-ray test but the radiation exposure is minimal. And it is aimed at the mouth and not the abdominal area. Root Canal Specialists also put a lead apron to cover the belly for protection. The anesthetics that dentists use during the procedure are also safe for pregnant women.

#4 Root Canals Are Relatively Affordable.

RCTs are relatively affordable, however, the cost varies depending on the tooth involved (placement), the extent of damage and the procedure required.If you compare the upfront cost of root canal with that of tooth extraction, it might come out to be considerably higher. But in the long run, it will turn out to be cheaper since you will save money on full denture, partial denture or bridges.

Root canals are no longer a rare dental treatment that select few opt for in times of dental problems. It is a routine procedure to take care of major dental problems. Find a good orthodontist and say goodbye to your dental problems.

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